What's included in the

Digital Online Fitness Academy?

Lifetime Access to:

  • DOFA Proprietary Curriculum (see below for details!)
  • 45 On-demand Video Lessons: Work at your own pace on your schedule
  • Worksheets: Apply Hannah's lessons to your own practice
  • Resources: See Hannah's personal tools in her business and how she has completed these same exercises
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6 Months Access to:

  • Bi-weekly calls with Hannah: Hannah will lead an hour call every 2 weeks, going into deeper discussion of topics (as indicated by the boards) and workshopping with designated members live
  • Community Discussion + Q&A Boards: Post your questions and thoughts to receive feedback on your practice from fellow coaches and our team
  • Network of Fellow Coaches: Meet a group of like-minded folks who can help you in this coaching journey

Digital Online Fitness Academy | Curriculum

MODULE 1 | Laying the Foundation

  • Cultivating a Long-Term Mindset
  • Your Audience
  • Your Brand
  • Your Plan

MODULE 2 | Creating Engaging Online Content

  • Create Your Product
  • Marketing Your Product
  • Delivering Your Product

MODULE 3 | Understanding Online Marketing

  • Converting Followers to Qualified Leads
  • Content Strategy

MODULE 4 | Pricing Your Services

  • Define Your Value Proposition
  • Pricing Strategies

MODULE 5 | Customer Journey

  • Developing Customer Retention Strategies

Your online fitness coaching future begins here.